Is President Trump Ruining Your Sex Life? Liberals Claim They Have The Data To Prove It

The newest “Trump Scandal” that the liberal left is throwing a fit about will leave you either scratching your head or rolling with laughter. They have accused and slammed President Trump for everything from too much ice-cream to making them fat, and now they have an accusation that surpasses all previous delusions they have had prior!

First we have to believe that liberals even have a sex life, and while that is both a horrible thought as well as laughable in many cases, we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Secondly they are now claiming that Trump has caused them to have a fatal drop in their sex lives! You can’t make this kind of lunacy up. So, if liberals did in fact have sex with willing partners (scoff) then they are no longer able to have sex because Trump became president.

Let’s dig in a bit further with the reports from MPolitical, shall we?

According to MPolitical :

When it comes to President Trump, he can never do anything right in the minds of liberals. They whined about the “mean face” he made in his official White House portrait. They continue to make a big deal about the way he shakes people’s hands. The latest “scandal” this morning was how Trump had to take TWO sips of water during a televised speech on Wednesday (OH THE HORROR), where they’re now mercilessly mocking him across social media. (Apparently Trump being human and requiring water is now a scandal-worthy act in our country worthy of mention.)

While the simplest things Trump does continues to cause massive snowflake meltdown on almost a daily basis, you won’t believe what liberals are now blaming Trump for. Liberals are now convinced that President Trump has RUINED THEIR SEX LIVES and claim they have the statistical data to back up it up. 

“According to a new survey from Unbound, a group that specializes in ‘the sexual lifestyle,‘ the President of the United States is ruining his citizens’ sex lives. According to the survey, fewer people are having sex than before the 2016 election. And even those who managed to keep their libidos active say that they don’t enjoy sex as much as they did just a little over a year ago,”

Truth Exam reported.Here’s the results of their “scientific” survey:

• 34 percent reported having less sex after the election
• 18 percent said their enjoyment of sex had decreased.
• 17 percent said politics was a “new consideration in their dating life.

Oh but it’s not just sex lives of liberals that Trump is “ruining.” According to this data liberals have produced, Trump is also destroying their personal well being, relationships with family members, their work lives, relationship with their friends,  dating lives, as well as their relationships with their significant others.
In response to the question “In what areas of your life have you felt the impact of our political climate?” 507 people responded with, essentially, “all of the areas!”

• 79 percent, my personal well being.
• 53 percent, my relationship with my family.
• 51 percent, my work life.
• 46 percent, my relationship with my friends.
• 26 percent, my dating life.
• 24 percent, my relationship with my significant other.

Oh and let’s not forget all the liberal women who are blaming Trump for their weight gain. (Because it’s now somehow Trump’s fault that these women are unable to get off their flabby fat behinds and get to the gym.)

If Donald Trump is truly killing the sex lives of liberals, we should consider ourselves lucky. If liberals suddenly stopped reproducing, just think of the drastic improvements our country could make within just a short generation! There’d be no one trying to confiscate our guns, the Muslim invasion of our country would stop, most of Americans would get off of food-stamps and actually get a freaking job, and the pussification of our society would abruptly cease, as there would be no new snowflakes bred into existence then able to vomit their opinions into the universe.

Who knew that “making America great again” was simply Trump’s plan to become president so that liberals would no longer want to reproduce! This man is much smarter than we gave him credit for! Pure genius!

There truly isn’t a whole lot more I can even add to this accept to agree that it may be a good thing if liberals stop mating and producing tiny liberals that will only make matters more insane and confusing for the real world. Maybe then we could actually begin to fix the real issues in America, many of which seem to be due to the insane demands and actions of lunatic liberals in the first place. Oh the irony!


H/T [ MPolitical , AOL , Truth Exam ]


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