Red Cross Leads Unbelievable War On Christians With What They’re Doing To Jesus All Across America

The Red Cross has been under fire for years for claims of donation theft and scamming, but now they are going to an extreme that will lift up and broaded the distrust and rage against them. The Red Cross coorporation is now demanding that any and all branched of their orginization remove any crucifix that may be seen by the public.

Their reason? They want to appear to be more “secular!” Yes, the Christian formed organization is now willing to erase its public display of the very faith that started it so they don’t offend anyone. I don’t remember any time in the history of the Red Cross that anyone ever complained about being offended until the large refugee “crisis” began in Europe.

Large groups of Muslims have complained over the last 2 years and actually refused aid from the Red Cross due to the logo on the boxes of supplies. The Christian value system is what started the global “aid” monster, but now they want to turn their backs on Christ in the name of political correctness.

According to Breitbart :

Volunteers have criticized the Red Cross charity after receiving a communication telling them to remove crucifixes from the walls of their branches as the organization looks to become more secular.

The Belgian branches of the international aid organization received an email from the Provincial Committee of the Red Cross in Liège to remove all crucifixes. André Rouffart, president of the Red Cross in Verviers, said: “We were asked to respect the principles of the Red Cross”, and not to distinguish between race or religious belief 7sur7 reports.

Mr. Rouffart said there had been pushback from volunteers and other members on the issue but downplayed the issue, saying: “I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”

Several volunteers spoke to Belgian broadcaster RTL and expressed hostility to the move, with one saying: “Let things remain as they are. We used to say ‘Christmas holidays’, now it’s ‘winter holidays’. The Christmas market in Brussels has become the ‘Winter Pleasures’.”

“For a certain part of the population — because of the Muslims — the crosses were removed in the Red Cross houses and, more particularly, in that of Verviers,” the volunteer added.

The order follows the proposed removal of a cross in France which was located above a statue of Saint John Paul II in Ploërmel, Brittany. The move sparked outrage among many and led to the Polish and Hungarian government offering to take the cross.

“Such measures must be regarded as attempts to do away with the continent’s civilization and culture,” commented Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó.

In Ireland, Catholic priest Father Desmond O’Donnell has called on Christians to abandon the word ‘Christmas’ entirely, saying that the commercialization of the holiday had replaced the original Christian meaning.

While old Christmas traditions being replaced, others have emerged — including anti-terror barriers wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and bright red bows in the city of Bochum, Germany, to prevent radical Islamic terror attacks like the Berlin Christmas market massacre of December 2016.

The powers that be all around the world are doing all they can to delete the Christian faith, and they raise the stakes daily while demanding that Christians accept all OTHER faiths and the sub-laws, like Sharia, that goes along with them. Even made up self-identifying faiths are being recognized over Christianity, and in a Christian majority nation it is disgusting.

I am now and will forever be a proud American Christian, and I will be forever. No amount of attempts to delete my faith from the history books will ever succeed, and I will fight to the end to maintain that. Those who would set out to take that from us should think twice about their hypocrisy and ignorance. Christians are not easily taken. We are faith-hardened and love-bound to our religion and nothing can sever that.

The Red Cross is a blight to charitable organizations and has been for quite some time. As such they need to be removed as a global aid force. Today, I personally vow to boycott them to the end.

H/T [ Breitbart


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