REPORT: Violent Crime Is Surging In Germany – What Officials Are Doing About It Will Leave You Speechless

Germans are suffering as a result of their government allowing refugees to flood their communities going unchecked. These refugees are seemingly allowed to commit a crime with impunity, and if a German citizen fights back, they are characterized as the criminal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been on a destructive path to erase the White German populace, but the German people are fighting back, and Angela Merkel’s days as the leader of Germany may be numbered.

For years the mainstream media in Germany worked with the German government to hide the facts from their people regarding violent crime offenses attributed to Middle Eastern refugees. Now a report analyzing the staggering 10% increase in violent crime in Germany has been released to the German public and has prompted the German media to unmask what is really going on.

This report sponsored by the German government attributes 90% of the 10% increase in violent crime across Germany to refugees. The report further analyzed the demographics of the refugee offenders as being male, between the ages of 14 and 30. However, the report shockingly suggests that in order to reduce this crime rate, the solution is to allow in more refugees. As reported by Reuters: “The study said reuniting refugees with their families by allowing them to come to Germany too could help to reduce violence. Such reunions look set to be a particularly contentious issue in talks about a new coalition government. The predominantly young male majority of refugees live in Germany without partners, mothers, sisters or other females whom the study sees as a “violence-preventing, civilizing force.”

This report comes as it was recently revealed that German law enforcement was forced to create “safe rape-free zones” for women throughout the country for women during New Year’s Eve celebrations. These safe-zones were implemented after refugees who come from countries where rape is considered acceptable behavior violated numerous German women. Last year, documents were leaked which revealed that about 2,000 male refugees sexually assaulted more than 1,200 German women during various celebrations throughout Germany.

In February of last year, Soeren Kern from The Gatestone Institute, reported on how corrupt German law enforcement officials purposely under-report the refugee rape crisis plaguing Germany saying that, “Police reports show that Germany’s migrant rape crisis continues unabated, although accurate statistics are notoriously non-existent, this is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. German authorities have repeatedly been accused of underreporting the true scale of the migrant crime problem in the country.”

The Federal Criminal Police Office, which is the German law enforcement body responsible for aggregating criminal statistics information, claims that “In 2013, migrants (Zuwanderer) committed 599 sex crimes, or an average of two a day. In 2014, migrants committed 949 sex crimes, or around three per day. In 2015, migrants committed 1,683 sex crimes, or around five per day. During the first three quarters of 2016, migrants committed 2,790 sex crimes, or around ten per day.” However, it is more likely that these statistics are well below the actual rapes taking place. Andre Schulz, the head of the Criminal Police Association in Germany, stated that only 10% of all sex related crimes in Germany appear in the reported official statistics.

Compounding the problems of this epidemic in Germany, the German police on a routine basis leave out any mention of a suspect who is a refugee and who is suspected of committing a violent or sexually related crime. Victims are not adequately interviewed, and when the German police request assistance from the public in their announcements, they purposely leave out any mention of a suspects features which would lead someone to the conclusion the suspected offender is a Muslim refugee.

While Germany continues to suffer from this mass Muslim immigration epidemic, native Germans are left to fend for themselves with Police seemingly not interested in documenting the truth. For some unexplainable reason, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her liberal brethren feel the cure to this Muslim refugee rape epidemic is to import more Muslim refugees. This is the same asinine thinking which the European Union is attempting to force upon other countries like Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic, all of whom have refused to take Muslim refugees for fear their female citizens will be raped and killed.

H/T [The Daily Wire, Gatestone Institute]

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