Scientists Make Incredible Discovery At Jesus’ Tomb and Atheists Are Absolutely Horrified

A long standing belief is that the tomb of Jesus Christ features a long shelf called a “burial bed,” and that is where Jesus was placed after his crucifixion. These shelves, usually made from natural limestone, are more known to be in the tombs of wealthy 1st-century Jerusalem Jews.
The marble cladding that covers the “burial bed” in Jesus’ tomb is believed to have been installed in 1555 at the latest, and most likely was present since the mid-1300s, according to the pilgrim accounts.

When the tomb was opened last year on the night of October 26, 2016, scientists were surprised to find that beneath the marble cladding was an older, broken marble slab incised with a cross, resting directly atop the original limestone surface of the “burial bed.”


According to the Conservative Tribune :

Atheists will have something extra special to be unhappy about this holiday season.

Research conducted at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which many people believe to be the tomb of Jesus, appeared to confirm that the remains of a limestone cave enshrined in the area were remnants of the Christ’s tomb.

According to historical accounts, Constantine discovered the tomb with assistance from his mother Helena between 325 and 326 A.D. Virtually destroyed in 1009, the Holy Sepulchre area has been rebuilt over the centuries by various Christian groups, including the Byzantines and the Crusaders. Recent restoration of the shrine around the tomb caused it to be opened for the first time in centuries.

Researchers removed a marble slab which, according to pilgrim accounts, had been installed in the tomb sometime in the Crusader era (around 1300-1500 A.D). This slab was believed to cover a ledge where Christ was laid after he was crucified. When it was removed, researchers discovered a second fractured slab that was engraved with a cross.

Scientists and restorers worked for almost nine months and said they were able to determine that the broken slab at the hub of the area dated from Constantine’s time, Reuters reported.

National Geographic reported that researchers sampled mortar between the original limestone surface of the tomb and the fractured marble slab that covered it, and those samples dated to around A.D. 345.

“Obviously that date is spot-on for whatever Constantine did,” says archaeologist Martin Biddle, who published a seminal study on the history of the tomb in 1999. “That’s very remarkable.”

Professor Antonia Moropoulou, who directed the project, agreed with Biddle’s account.

“That was a great moment to validate,” said Moropoulou, who is also Chief Scientific Supervisor from the National Technical University of Athens.

Moropoulou added that she felt great about the discovery.

“Very happy indeed. I did not expect it…but the monument talks, and it says it’s history,” she said.

Atheists will hate hearing about this because they would rather remove all traces from Jesus and God from the earth.

While there is no conclusive proof that this is the actual tomb of Jesus, the findings help validate the Biblical account of the burial.

As we move into the season celebrating Christ’s birth, this is news to celebrate.

Sometimes Christians are given the most amazing signs to reaffirm our faith, and it is even more amazing when these signs come during the holiday season. Jesus Christ and his life have many stories surrounding it that many try to twist and turn to suit their own agenda on a faith based platform, but the one truth no one can ever spin is that He is real and he did in fact die for us.

Remember that every second of every day and make sure to assess your actions to match what our Savior’s intentions were when he gave his life to allow us to keep ours. It costs nothing to do our best to try and live up to what we preach.

Let this Christmas be a solid reminder that we as Christians have once again been given a sign that our Savior has our backs and has once again let us see a peak of his grace to get us through some of the most trying times we have faced in many years. We can do this, with his hand on our hearts and his Glory on our souls.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune , Reuters , National Geographic


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