Sheriff Joe Announces Plan To Get Revenge On Obama

As most of us are aware, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was railroaded by an Obama appointed Judge for doing nothing more than the job he had been tasked with years prior to the Obama Administration allowing our border security go to hell. Sheriff Joe stood his ground against a tyrant and was handed walking papers as well as a 6 month prison sentence for upholding the Constitution and deporting any and all illegal immigrants that he caught  living illegally in his county of Maricopa Arizona.

Most of us view Arpaio as a hero for doing what he did and his legacy is gaining another chapter that will live on in infamy. He has big plans to run for State Senate to replace Jeff Flake upon his planned retirement. As it was with Captain Clay Higgins of Louisiana, this move by Sheriff Arpaio is a highly needed and wanted move by many Americans who are ready to see our country run by tried and true fellow countrymen.

According to Freedom Daily :

For the past 8 years, Obama wiped his backside with our Constitution and did everything in his power to bring this country down. One of his tactics for destroying our country was letting in as many un-vetted people as possible into America, where he refused to close our Southern Border so ISIS and violent gang members could easily come pouring through. One of our heroes to stand up to Obama’s treachery was Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who began rounding up Obama’s illegals and shipping them back to their homelands where they belonged, much to the wrath and horror of our terrorist-loving President.

Standing up to Obama didn’t end well for Sheriff Joe as we all know, as the Arizona official would then be smacked with a 6-month prison sentence for merely upholding the Constitution and enforcing federal law. Obama’s minion in the form of liberal District Judge Susan R. Bolton outrageously claimed that the sheriff was committing a crime by detaining people “based off their immigration status.” Sheriff Joe was thankfully pardoned by President Trump shortly after, but went on to describe the horrors of “abuse” he endured as a result of Obama’s investigation into him. Now Sheriff Joe has just made a shocking announcement about what he’s planning to do to get revenge on Obama, and every single liberal in America is collectively losing their minds over the news. 

According to breaking reports from Fox News:

Former Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio told The Daily Beast Thursday that he is “seriously, seriously, seriously considering running for the U.S. Senate” to replace the retiring Jeff Flake.

The Daily Beast reached out to Arpaio shortly after Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., announced his resignation over discussions with two female staffers about whether they would consider being a surrogate mother.

Arpaio described Franks as “a great man, and a great friend, and it’s a great loss for Arizona and our country.”

Should Arpaio enter the race, he would be joining a crowded Republican primary field that includes Rep. Martha McSally and former state senator Kelli Ward. Ward, who was leading Flake by 26 points in one poll taken before the incumbent chose not to run, is backed by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Could you imagine the incredible badassery we’d witness if Sheriff Joe was a member of the U.S. Senate? He’d be an incredibly ally to President Trump, as the sheriff has always been a very vocal supporter of Trump, even before Trump was elected president. It will be fun to watch Obama and all his minions’ heads’ collectively explode over the news, as they pitched a gigantic tantrum following the news of President Trump pardoning the sheriff several months ago. Liberals tried to make the asinine claim that Trump had “violated the Constitution” by pardoning the sheriff, even though Joe was merely upholding federal law by going after these illegals.
What’s always amazing is the startling level of liberal hypocrisy that exists over the ongoing immigration issue. Liberals want to use the Constitution as their basis for hateful attacks on Sheriff Joe, but at the same time, they’ll ignore the long list of liberal mayors and governors currently violating both the Constitution and federal law by harboring illegals in their “sanctuary cities.”

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, and for Sheriff Joe, who was by his own admission “abused” by Obama, and then wrongfully convicted of a crime, the time for sweet revenge is now.

Best wishes and prayers for Sheriff Joe on his journey to help make America great again. He would be a beast on the illegal immigrant policies, and that is definitely something we need more of. No more illegals before citizens. No more deaths due to multiple deportation offenders. No more open borders!!!

H/T [ Freedom Daily , Fox News ]


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