Travis Military Base Terror Attack Suspect Was An Immigrant

One of our own Military bases was attacked on March 21st at around 7p.m., and officials were loathe to call it terrorism. While it was first questioned how the suspect made it past security to begin with, more recent updates state that the driver rammed his vehicle into the entrance gate and then ignited himself with the hope that several propane tanks he was carrying would explode as well. This incident is still not being officially labeled as a terror attack attempt, and officials have stated that it “may have been a possible suicide,” yet there seems to be no clear reason for this particular man to have wanted to kill himself on the base.

As of right now there appears to be absolutely no connection between 51-year-old Hafiz Kazi and any military installation. Kazi is an immigrant from India and lived in the San Francisco Bay area for many years. Nothing indicates a clear motive for this attack.

According to American Military News :

A car crash attack at the main gate of Travis Air Force Base in northern California on Wednesday night is being treated as an act of terrorism, according to a report.

An unauthorized vehicle crashed into a ditch at the main gate of the Air Force base after breaching the security gates on Wednesday.

The vehicle, loaded with propane tanks, erupted into flames and killed the driver while military personnel were making their way to the vehicle, according to CBS.
Authorities said the driver ignited himself, which is why investigators initially treated the incident as an act of terrorism, CBS reported.

The FBI joined the investigation, and Task & Purpose reported that a spokeswoman would not confirm the CBS report that the incident is being treated as terrorism.
The driver of the vehicle has been identified, but their name has yet to be released by law enforcement.

“The safety and welfare of our airmen, their families and our local community is our top priority,” Col. John Klein, 60th Air Mobility Wing commander, said in a statement. “I am extremely proud of how our first responders quickly addressed the situation to keep Travis and the surrounding area out of harm’s way. We are fortunate to have enduring relationships with federal and local law enforcement, and will continue to work hand-in-hand with them through the investigative process.”

Additional security measures were implemented at the main and hospital gates.
The incident was contained after personnel responded, and the base was at no further risk.

According to The Right Scoop :

Last night a man drove his car filled with propane tanks into the gate of a military base in California. Today he was identified as an immigrant from India.

Watch below:

From CBS:

The FBI has identified the driver who crashed through a security gate at a Northern California Air Force base and detonated propane tanks on board his vehicle, killing himself in the process.

He was identified as 51-year-old Hafiz Kazi, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area originally from India and living in USA since 1993 as a legal permanent resident, according to the FBI. Investigators said Kazi deliberately ignited his vehicle which exploded into a huge fireball after crashing through the main gate at Travis Air Force Base, about 55 miles northeast of San Francisco. No one else was hurt and no shots were fired during the attack.

Sounds very intentional.

Here’s a statement released about the incident:

Very odd. Of course there are Muslims in India, so perhaps this was Islam-related. Or perhaps not. There’s not a lot of information out yet, but thankfully this moron was too incompetent to accomplish the real destruction he intended….

The driver was the only fatality and there are no reported injuries of any personnel. It is extremely concerning however that no one wants to call tis what it actually is, a terror attack. While the attack may have failed in killing any military personnel, it was still a clearly intended violent act to create a sense of terror. By the very definition this was an attempted terror attack.

As more information comes out we will no doubt be seeing many ties to a motive that supports terror. This is our home soil, our men and women who sacrifice all for us, and they were just attacked regardless of whether any of them were hurt. Someone needs to come clean about this. What are we not being told?

H/T [ The Right Scoop , American Military News ]


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