The Trump Curse Karma Trend and Liberal Snowflakes

In a recent interview with CNN, the purveyors of fake news, U.S. Ski Team member Lindsey Vonn took the opportunity to verbally attack President Trump. The question asked of her was, “how will it feel competing at the Olympic games for the United States whose President is Donald Trump?” In typical liberal fashion, Lindsey Vonn responded with, “Um, well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the President.” Then the CNN interviewer asked Lindsey Vonn if she would go to the Whitehouse if she were invited, to which her response was, “Absolutely not. But you have to win to be invited.”

Not too long after she made these comments, Lindsey Vonn suffered a serious injury to her back while competing in the World Cup Super-G skiing event. As reported by NBC Sports, “Lindsey Vonn finished a World Cup Super-G in extreme pain Saturday and was treated by race doctors for a back injury. The American star crossed the finish line in obvious distress, in 24th place and 1.56 seconds behind the winner, and slumped to the snow. She compressed her back on the fifth gate, according to U.S. Ski & Snowboard. Vonn stayed in the finished house to be treated, and one hour later limped slowly into a waiting car to be driven from the St. Moritz course.” Could this be the Trump Curse dispensing with justified karma?

The lunatic left has made it trendy to trash and belittles President Trump, his family, and his supporters simply because they don’t get their way. And why not? The left’s head cheerleader at the time, Hillary Clinton, referred to Trump supporters as deplorables, serving to only strengthen Donald Trump’s base, helping him to win the Presidency. Of course, the left would have us believe that Donald Trump won the election because he conspired with Russian hackers, a far left accusation which has yet to be proven.

People like Lindsey Vonn preach tolerance, acceptance, and diversity, yet they stand for and display intolerance, bigotry, and segregation. Ms. Vonn and her liberal brethren fail to understand that the majority of America is not buying into their bigoted and one-sided mantra under the guise of being the side of tolerance and inclusion. We have seen time and time again that anyone, politician or business owner, who dares to challenge the liberal narrative, gets harassed, threatened, and in some cases violently assaulted.  The left has no problem with violence so long as the victim is a conservative.

The Trump Curse also struck the National Football League as they continue to suffer the financial consequences of disrespecting the National Anthem and the American Flag. When NFL players started to take a knee during the National Anthem, President Trump’s SOB comment was simply reflecting what a majority of NFL fans and Americans were feeling but too afraid to say. As a result of their disrespectful antics, NFL players taking a knee have cost the league hundreds of millions in dollars in lost advertising revenue, declining viewership numbers, sponsors like Papa Johns pulling their support for the league, and many fans have vowed to never watch another NFL game ever again.

Liberal news networks like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC have also been victims of the Trump Curse with significant drops in viewership, and the general consensus among the public being that all of the aforementioned news outlets are nothing more than a tool for the Democratic party. Staunch Democratic supporters would never admit to this but they know it is true. All of their coverage is anti-Trump this, and anti-Trump that, painting a picture that President Trump is an evil villain due to be impeached any day now.

All of this anti Trump hysteria stems from the left not getting their anointed one into the Oval Office. For the life of me I can’t figure out how or why any sane person, liberal or not, would even consider supporting someone like Hillary Clinton who is representative of everything evil about American politics. She has knowingly defended and joked about representing a child rapist, has used her position to intimidate the women who have accused her husband of sexual misconduct, and she has taken money from countries which subject gays to torture. Yet this is who the left chose to lead America.

The Trump bashing from the left will likely never stop, and I’m sure as time goes on it will intensify with false accusations, made up conspiracies, and familial attacks against President Trump’s family. All things which will continue to motivate and rally Trump supporters to ensure President Trump gets a second term. Lindsey Vonn and her liberal brethren would be wise to tone down their disrespectful behavior. But when has a liberal ever listened to or sided with reason and respect?

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