U.S. Army Gen. Reveals Sick Thing Obama Did As President To Give Terrorists Advantage Over American Troops

While it is no secret that Barrack Obama was not only the worst President we have ever had, but the most treasonous to boot, it still never ceases to amazes us when more of his deceit and lies trickles out of the black void he tried to shove it all into. It has been brought out many times that he helped to arm the enemy willingly in the guise of “helping rebels,” as well as allowing for millions of innocents to be murdered in the name of “military tactics.” He even went as far as to allow the murder of our men in Benghazi and then tried to claim it was all a conspiracy perpetrated by a YouTube video.

Info is now being released by Generals that Obama also had a habit of informing the Taliban and the Islamic State of our whereabouts and our movement in the Middle East. Because that is a good tactical move to stop the enemy! How many of our troops were killed or injured because Obama felt the need to pull a McCain? How many of our men and women could have returned whole to their families?


According to Joe for America :

If you want the enemy to know what you’re doing….send them a telegraph. At least that’s what the Obama administration seemed to believe worked well. Now, with President Trump in command, there’s a whole new change in attitude and a stronger will to succeed.

U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson slammed former President Barack Obama on Monday and said that Obama led jihadists to believe the U.S. military had lost their will.
Gen. Nicholson made that statement in a public video, CNS News reported.

Nicholson explained that from 2011-2016, the U.S. sent telegraphs to the Taliban promising that U.S. troops were leaving Afghanistan.

As a result, the Taliban saw U.S. forces as weak and believed they had “lost (their) will.”

“From 2011 to 2016, we telegraphed to the enemy that we were leaving,” Nicholson said in the video.

“We drew down our forces steadily – I’d say too far and too fast – and so the enemy believed that in this contest of wills, we had lost our will,” he continued.

“Number one, I’m concerned about international will, and international will to succeed.”

However, under President Donald Trump’s pro-military, pro-United States administration, “we now have the will to succeed,” Nicholson said.

VOA News reported that Nicholson previously stated he was “very concerned about the level of losses” in Afghanistan.

In his report, Nicholson noted that between November 2015 and November 2016, the Afghani government lost control of about 15 percent of the country’s districts.

But that all changed when President Trump took office.

In his Thanksgiving message to the troops, President Trump praised United States’ service men and women for their progress in the war on terror.

“We have to let you win. They weren’t letting you win before. They were letting you play even … We’re letting you win,” he encouraged them.

Watch Nicholson’s strong statement below:

What a difference between President Obama and President Trump. In just one year since Trump took office, the United States is making massive strides against radical Islam.

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Mattis has said that the US military will fight Islamic State in Syria “as long as they want to fight,” describing a longer-term role for US troops long after the insurgents lose all of the territory they control.

As US-backed and Russian-backed forces battle to retake the remaining pockets of Islamic State-held terrain, Mattis said the US military’s longer-term objective would be to prevent the return of an “ISIS 2.0.”

“The enemy hasn’t declared that they’re done with the area yet, so we’ll keep fighting as long as they want to fight,” Mattis said, speaking to reporters at the Pentagon about the future of U.S. operations in Syria.

He also stressed the importance of longer-term peace efforts, suggesting US forces aimed to help set the conditions of a diplomatic solution in Syria, now in its seventh year of civil war.

“We’re not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction,” he added.

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed joint efforts to stabilize Syria as its civil war wanes, including with the expansion of a July 7 truce in the southwestern triangle bordering Israel and Jordan.

Mattis said he believed the southwestern zone was working, and spoke hopefully about additional areas in the future that might allow for more refugees to return home.

“You keep broadening them. Try to (demilitarize) one area then (demilitarize) another and just keep it going, try to do the things that will allow people to return to their homes,” he told reporters at the Pentagon.

He declined to enter into specifics about any future zones.

Russia, which has a long-term military garrison in Syria, has said it wants foreign forces to quit the country eventually. Turkey said on Monday the United States had 13 bases in Syria and Russia had five. The US-backed Syrian YPG Kurdish militia has said Washington has established seven military bases in areas of northern Syria.

Unlike during the Obama administration the US-led coalition under the Trump administration does not discuss the location of its forces.

I mean why in the world would it be to our advantage to notify the enemy of our location or intent? Unless of course, you had no intention of winning in the first place, right? Thank goodness, we have a new president with a new attitude about winning!

It’s time to follow through on Trump’s campaign promise – that terrorism “must be eradicated from the face of the earth.”

Go get ’em boys!

Obama’s actions against this country don’t surprise any of us anymore, but it still enrages us and has us asking the question of why he hasn’t been arrested and tried for war crimes, crimes against our troops, outright murder, and many more. Treason is still a very real thing and should be taken just as serious today as it used to be.

Thankfully, we now have a man at the helm who isn’t going to play those games with the lives of our troops and is doing all he can to be a part of the solution for ridding the world of terrorism.

H/T [ Joe For America , CNS , VOA






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