VIDEO: “F*** Your Freedom of Speech!” Raging Classmate Gets Immediate Karma After Ripping Off Student’s MAGA Hat

A University of California Riverside student, Edith Macias, who was proud of stealing a “Make America Great Again” hat from a fellow student, now faces some serious consequences for her actions. Ms. Macias is looking at a misdemeanor count of petty theft. The incident, which took place on September 27th of this year, has been widely documented on YouTube and various news outlets. In the video Ms. Macias can be seen going off on a lunatic liberal rant saying, “f— your freedom” when the student she stole the hat from said he wanted it back.

Ms. Macias went on to state, “I f— hate this country. I hate it, and I’m not leaving. I’m staying here because there’s s— that needs to be fixed here. We need to get rid of y’all. You’re so lucky we are at a university.” This seeming threat of violence coming from a liberal directed at a conservative is nothing new, and unfortunately, the threat is not specific enough for the Riverside County District Attorney to pursue additional charges. It’s very likely that Ms. Macias is staying in the United States not to “fix things” as she puts it, but rather she remains for all of those wonderful social benefits, despite her hatred for the United States.

An education watchdog group, College Fix, obtained a copy of the criminal complaint against Ms. Macias, which reads in part, “She stated she wanted to burn the hat because of what it represented.” Further demonstrating her proclivity for violence against conservatives, Ms. Macias stated in a now-deleted Instagram post, “‘Make America Great Again’ coded ‘Continue the Genocide of POC’. You feel safe cuz [sic] you got the cops and politicians on your side. You’re not safe … just saying. We need to make racists scared.”

The victim, in this case, Matthew Vitale was smart enough to record the entire encounter as evidence so Ms. Macias couldn’t legitimately claim a different series of events. In the video Mr. Vitale posted to YouTube and turned over to law enforcement, Ms. Macias goes on a rant, which will leave most viewers scratching their heads. Her arguments are without merit and simply make no sense. “I’m very excited that the DA’s office took it seriously,” Vitale told Fox News. “We can’t thank UCPD enough.”

Matthew Vitale, the Deputy Southern Region Vice Chair of the California College Republicans, participates in MAGA Monday on campus. (Courtesy of Matthew Vitale

Mr. Vitale is a member of the UC Riverside Republicans and is eager to prosecute this incident to its fullest extent of the law. Ms. Macias will learn that stealing a hat off of the head of another student, and then going on a profanity-laced tirade has its consequences. In the video, you can even see shocked college staff trying to calm her down, and its not until police arrive that Ms. Macia’s tone begins to change, but she was steadfast with her hatred of Mr. Vitale and his hat. “According to the arrest warrant, Macias told one of the officers she wanted to burn the MAGA hat because she believed the words “Make America Great Again” represented the “genocide of a bunch of people.”

Not surprisingly University Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox didn’t come to the defense of Mr. Vitale, and rather issued a statement full of liberal double speak saying, “coequal to our dedication to mutual respect, is our commitment to free speech and the free exchange of ideas.” What Ms. Wilcox is missing is that this case is not a simple matter of mutual respect. Ms. Macias stealing Mr. Vitale’s hat and going on a profanity-laced tirade is disrespectful and illegal. Thankfully, The Riverside County District Attorney’s office is taking the case seriously.

In response to this incident, College Republicans in the Southern California area decided to have “MAGA Mondays”, proudly wearing their Trump hats and shirts, surely driving liberals into their safe spaces.

What liberals like Ms. Macias and Ms. Wilcox fail to understand is that these college Republicans like Mr. Vitale, will not simply sit by and allow liberals to dictate and take control of their fascist agenda. Liberals like Ms. Macias will learn there are consequences for violently attacking someone and taking their property.

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