WTF: Liberals Claim Melania Sent Democrats a “Secret Message” With What She Wore To SOTU

Liberals never tire in their barrage of fake news against President Trump. With the “Russia collusion” nonsense they’ve been pushing for months failing to stick, their new fake story is that Trump had sex with porn star Stormy Daniels, even though the woman publicly stated that the entire story of an affair was false. But just when you think that liberals couldn’t get more desperate in their pursuits to get Trump impeached, they’re now using his wife Melania to push another ridiculous rumor, and this latest nonsense no doubt takes the cake.

Liberal women have been wearing all white lately, as a head nod to all the women across America who have been victims of sexual predators. Hillary Clinton wore all white on several occasions as a stance against sexual predators, which is quite hilarious considering she’s married to one of the most infamous rapists of all time. So when Melania showed up for Trump’s first SOTU address on Tuesday night, liberals thought it would be the perfect opportunity to invent another story, where they’re now trying to claim that Melania was sending a “secret message” about her husband, and all the women that he’s sexually abused over the years.

Yes really. Apparently the reason that Melania has been out of the media spotlight lately is because she is really upset about her husband sleeping with a porn star, and decided to wear an all-white outfit as a way to undermine her own husband, and an additional act of solidarity to the women who he’s abused. Liberals fixated on her attire, pushing the idea that her white pantsuit was feminist jab at her husband.

The New York Post reported:

Melania’s look just might be a calculated — and potentially feminist — choice. At Trump’s address to Congress last February, female Democratic senators donned white to pay homage to the suffragettes and the fight for women’s equality. Many fashion critics, such as the New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman, were quick to point out the likeness to “suffragists” in Melania’s outfit choice. Hillary Clinton also notably wore a white suit for Trump’s inauguration.

And though black has become the color of the #MeToo movement, 24 female musicians at the Grammys on Sunday wore white for a performance alongside Kesha, who has been vocal about sexual assault in the music industry.

Though Melania chose not to wear an American designer, she did support a female by donning Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri is the storied fashion house’s first-ever female artistic director.

Earlier this month, a bombshell report surfaced that a lawyer for the president, during his campaign, paid off porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

Trump hit his first SOTU speech out of the part last night, and since liberals can’t find anything to bitch about, they’re now resorting to the thing they do best, which is fake news and personal attacks. Instead of tackling Trump’s views about America, which they obviously cannot debunk, they’re now making up ridiculous stories about Melania and why she chose to wear a white outfit! The idea that Melania was pandering to left-wing women is absolutely ridiculous. Since when does a wife side with the very same people falsely accusing her husband on a daily basis and disgustingly attacking her family?

The desperation at this point is pretty hilarious. Just goes to show that no matter what Trump does, liberals will always find stupid crap to whine about. But this latest smear attempt is nothing short of insane!


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